Our Personnel Skills testing…

Mentioned in our e-News this month was our extended range of skills tests, but what exactly are we offering?

Many of us will have had to sit apptitude assessments before, and may have asked ourselves why they are relevant…

The tests we offer here can be fully tailored, in length, content, question number, time limit etc, with our consultants able to tell you exactly WHAT these tests measure, and WHY they are relevant to the role you are recruiting for.

In our present portfolio, we have to name a few:

Numerical Computation
Numerical Reasoning
Numerical Estimation
Verbal Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension
Perceptual Skills
Acuity Skills
Analytical Skills
Fault Diagnosis
Mechanical Reasoning
Spatial Ability

Want to measure multiple skills without having the test feel like a lengthy torturous exam?  This is exactly where our service comes in handy – you tell us exactly what you want from the test, and we will deliver just that – along with an onsite presence to administer the test, make sure everything runs smoothly, and everyone knows what they are doing.  Test in groups, or individually.

Or, if we are interviewing for you in our offices, have us adminster the tests at the same time, so we can shortlist suitable candidates for you without delay!

Call 01757 212020 and ask for me, Ashley – I can answer any questions you might have!


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