Refer and Win!

Here at Abbey Personnel we like to give back every now and again.

So we’re offering you the opportunity to get your hands on an iPad 2 or another great prize just by referring us to a colleague, friend or contact you know!


How do I refer?
All you have to do is ask your friend, colleague,  contact or who ever else you may have passed the word onto to give us a call and place a temporary or permanent position of employment with ourselves.

You may even refer a candidate to one of our live position in which case you’ve got someone a great job and your self an iPad 2

All the referee has to do is give us a call on 01757 212020 and let us know that you have referred them.

To qualify as a referral we must not have had dealings with the person/company referred in the past 18 months.

What do I get?

Upon a successful referral two great things happen. Not only do you get a great sense of achievement for passing a great opportunity onto your colleagues and friends but you also receive an Ipad 2 OR something of equal value!

If you’re really in a giving mood we will even pass the money onto a charity of your choice!

How do I/we get the prize?
As soon as the criteria is met, we will either deliver your prize personally or send it by courier.

When do I receive my reward?
You will receive your award:

  1. as soon as we have successfully placed a candidate in the permanent job you (via the company you referred to us) have referred to us, or placed your candidate in the role you recommended them for (when you have referred a candidate) or we have billed 300 hours of temporary labour. (when you either referred a client who gave us a temporary booking or a candidate who completed the booking)
  2. as soon as we have been paid by our client
  3. as soon as the guarantee period offered to the client (applicable only to permanent roles) by Abbey Personnel services has expired.  We have to wait, as before this date we are liable to refund our fee if the candidate isn’t successful, and we never want to ask you for your reward back!

Important note!
We are a very honest and ethical Professional Recruitment Company and whilst we actively encourage you to scour your little black book of social connections for potential great people who we can help we will not accept the introduction of candidates from our existing client base.  So if you currently work for a company who Abbey Personnel Services supplies please do not refer your work colleague’s.


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