Selby Jobs Fair – Great Success!

Those following me on LinkedIn, or on our company Twitter site will probably already be aware that we hosted at a local Jobs Fair this week.

Today is the first time I’ve had a chance to properly reflect on the day – the aftermath has kept us all working hard!

Four of us manned the stand; Mark our MD, Simon our Operations Director, Jaime; Intern Recruitment Consultant, and me – Ashley, perms consultant!

To say the turn out exceeded our expectations would be an understatement.  There were around 1,100 people through the doors, and not limited to Selby either.  The event was well marketed and we spoke to a great range of people from various locations and industries – it was a fantastic opportunity for all involved and we have some exciting people to be working with over the next few weeks!

If you attended the event and didnt manage to have a chat with us the please give us a call and arrange to come in and see myself or one of my colleagues – 01757 212 020

We will definitely be looking out for events like this in the future – to all those who attended I hope you too found it useful!


– Ashley

Permanent Consultant


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